Below is a small selection of my original short stories in PDF format that I am in the process of adapting to film that can be downloaded and read in their entirety by clicking on the respective PDF link.

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by Dennis Colligan

(based on his short story of the same name)

© 2017

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Well-known novelist Slater H. Underwood has had a colorful life to say the least. He has tried his best in his  20 year career to emulate his literary heroes – not just with his writing style, but with his bad boy lifestyle as well. But now he’s really stepped in it –  a big nasty pile of smelly, political shit that won’t shake off of his shoe and threatens to undo his life. As he contemplates the consequences of his blunder,  he takes a moment to reflect on his ups and downs, his successes and failures, and considers taking that long, cold, final swim down Sylvan River…


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New treatment available soon, after second act rewrite…


by Dennis Colligan

In a dystopian future where the planet is completely enshrouded by a thick cloud that has caused a runaway greenhouse effect, a man discovers the truth about how the cloud was created – a truth powerful people don’t want him or anyone else to know – and must go on the run. He records and documents his experiences on his PVR (Personal Voice Recorder implant) hoping someone will one day know the truth.